Harvest Bling Mix™

Tired of Spring Mix? Us too. We created Bling Mix™ after seeing that while Spring Mix was cheap and readily available, it was boring and left chefs and consumers uninspired. Just about every restaurant uses some kind of Spring/Arcadia-type salad mix but no one gets jazzed about it. Spring Mix ends up being a manufactured product instead of something crafted for restaurant plates.

Bling Mix is all the ingredients that should already be in that boring Spring Mix. Over time we’ll have multiple mixes, but for now check out our Harvest Bling Mix, a blend of some of the best things coming out of Waterfields like Purple Orach and Baby Kale!

Next Level Bling Mix is available for wholesale purchase washed and packed in 1/2 lb bags. Next Level Bling Mix is harvested the same day it’s shipped out, maximizing both flavor and freshness. Please contact your local distributor for possible availability of Next Level Bling Mix.

Our Bling Mix ingredients are carefully grown for superior quality and freshness. They are local, Cincinnati-grown and compared to products traveling from California and far away markets, amazingly superior in quality.

To maximize shelf life, please keep in your walk-in towards the door to avoid any chance of freezing.


The superior salad blend. This ‘best of the day’ mix typically consists of ingredients like Purple Orach, Baby Kale and Petite Red Vein Sorrel.


Varied by ingredients, some bites are spicy while others are sweet or citrusy.


Varied by ingredients such as frilly mustards. Mostly tender and crisp.


Wide variety. Colors will vary depending on season but you can always expect a big pop of color in the blend.

Pairing Suggestions

Perfect for salads or can be used for garnish/plate decoration.

Shelf Life/Care

Typically 3-4 days for restaurant quality. Please use promptly. We would prefer to make multiple deliveries spread throughout the week instead of you purchasing 20 lbs and it sitting in your walk-in all week long.