Waterfields Expands, Positions to Add New Neighborhood Jobs

CINCINNATI, OH (April 27, 2015) – Waterfields, a social mission-driven startup that sells premium microgreens and edible flowers to many of the top chefs and specialty grocers in the Ohio River Valley, has expanded operations with the addition of two new facilities.

Through non-profit Price Hill Will and the City of Cincinnati’s Neighborhood Business District Improvement Program, Waterfields will renovate a warehouse on State Avenue, growing operations in Lower Price Hill. Waterfields has also concurrently leased approximately 4,000 square feet, with built-in options for additional expansions, in the West End on Clearwater Street.

According to Chief Growing Officer Dan Divelbiss, Waterfields will continue growing its consumer base outwards beyond Cincinnati and the rest of the Ohio River Valley. “We don’t only want to be known as one of the best specialty produce growers in Cincinnati. We want to be considered the best in the entire Midwest.”

Waterfields holds a mission of revitalizing some of Cincinnati’s most hard hit neighborhoods such as Lower Price Hill, where the company launched in an old warehouse that is now defined as one of only nine USDA GAP-certified farms in Ohio. Waterfields aims to capture underutilized and underappreciated resources in Cincinnati’s urban core, to then be able to provide livable wage jobs and wealth creation opportunities to local residents.

Waterfields will add new community hires to match increased operational capacity in the immediate and plans to generate 100 community jobs at livable wages within the next 5 years. According to Daniel Klemens, one of Waterfields co-founders, the company will grow its current employee base 200 percent between May and December, strongly relying on community partners to locate potential new hires. “Beyond the statistics surrounding poverty in the West End, it’s also an attractive neighborhood due to redevelopment activities and proximity to the City Link Center. Our expansion further cements our relationship with the City Link Center as a resource for our locations in Lower Price Hill, the West End and beyond.”

About Waterfields

Waterfields is a social mission-driven startup that hydroponically grows premium microgreens and specialty produce year-round, selling locally to leading restaurants, caterers and specialty grocers. With a growing line-up of products, Waterfields delivers powerful and unique flavors, textures and colors to plates all across the Ohio River Valley. Waterfields leverages local capacity to realize healthier and more prosperous neighborhoods through employment of local residents at livable wages to generate rooted wealth in struggling urban areas.