Korean Shiso

Hi Folks!

Now that we’re into November, those crowds are going to start pouring in! Looking forward to a busier season for all of us! The catch-up on inventory is going well. To update from last week, the Red Cumin Shiso is looking good. They will be a little small this week, but after that we should be in great shape. In case you missed it last week, the seed for Bicolor Shiso is no longer available to us. We are replacing it with Korean Shiso. It has the same flavor profile, but the color is more prominently green, with less of the purple undersides. Finally, we’re still working out the kinks on amaranth, so supplies are limited there. Get those orders in quick!

To place an order, please email Dan or contact him by phone at 513-227-4400.

Thank you so much and have a wonderful week,
The Waterfields Team

Microgreens Offerings for the week of November 2nd