Micro Purple Stem Radish

Hyperfresh Micro Purple Stem Radish is available for wholesale purchase in live 10″x10″ or 10″x20″ trays. Live Hyperfresh microgreens remain fresh and flavorful significantly longer than cut microgreens and when packaged/cared for properly can withstand reasonable transportation. Please contact your local distributor for availability of Hyperfresh microgreens.


Substantial radish greens with the spice of daikon and a lovely light purple stem. 


Radish with the spice of daikon.


Crisp, mild crunch



Pairing Suggestions

A radish and crunch element that can be added to sandwiches, wraps, spring rolls and salads.

Shelf Life/Care

Often 3x or greater shelf life than cut microgreens. Cover with clean kitchen towel and place in cooler to slow growth and block light. Harvest as needed with kitchen scissors or ceramic knife.