Early Winter Menus

Your micro-mail has arrived!

Brand new, each week we’ll feature two products; either varieties that are new or those that are standing out in our grow systems. This week we’ve got our Nasturtium Shoots and our Spicy Mix. Both have been popular Fall/Early Winter selections for standing orders due to their spicier profiles.

As a reminder, we love standing orders. Standing orders not only guarantee you get the variety you want, but it allows us to get you even higher quality micros. Consider locking in your order for those Fall/Early Winter menus and we’ll do the rest!

To place an order, please email Dan or contact him by phone at 513-729-7539.

Thank you so much and have a wonderful week,
The Waterfields Team

Waterfields microgreens are carefully grown for superior quality and freshness. They are local, Cincinnati-grown and compared to cut microgreens, amazingly superior in flavor. Waterfields microgreens are the visual and flavor complements your plates deserve.

To maximize shelf life, often 3x that of cut micros, cover with a clean kitchen towel and place in your cooler to slow growth and block light (*except for basil, which holds better outside of the walk-in). Harvest as needed with kitchen scissors or a ceramic knife.

Microgreens Offerings for the week of November 16th