Social Mission

The Short Form

Waterfields leverages local capacity to realize healthier and more prosperous neighborhoods through employment of local residents at livable wages to generate rooted wealth in struggling urban areas.

A Little Longer

Economies of inclusion require intentional action and a desire to be the change you want in the world. Waterfields believes in the wealth opportunity latent in our cities as popular culture and consciousness turns to face the challenges of the 21st century. A system composed of poverty, threatened fresh water reserves, and lack of access to healthy food is full of opportunities to drive innovation.

Waterfields, a Core Change-inspired business, is capturing these opportunities to create businesses which intentionally re-inhabit the urban core and create careers with creative individuals who have had a dearth of access to living wage jobs or a wide range of degrading professions. By leveraging existing infrastructure and pursuing emerging markets we are not a charity but a market-driven and profitable solution to the opportunity gap in America.

We are dreamers, we are driven, we believe a better world is on the way, we are Waterfields.

Learn more about Waterfields’ mission and the root causes of poverty or check out Waterfields’ management team.