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Social Mission

Waterfields, a Core Change-inspired business, is capturing opportunities to create businesses which intentionally re-inhabit the urban core and create careers with talented  individuals who often had a lack of access to living wage jobs or a wide range of degrading professions. Life circumstance doesn't affect who we hire.


By leveraging existing infrastructure and pursuing emerging markets we are not a charity but a market-driven and profitable solution to the opportunity gap in America.


Culinary Vision

Chefs’ dishes are reflections of themselves; culinary soul and spirit is shared to the public through windows like restaurants, bars and catered events. Chefs seek to express a reflection of themselves through culinary art, with each ingredient of a dish acting as a vital brush stroke in a masterpiece.


But great ingredients are tough to find. Ingredients are often mass-processed and or mass-produced. They are meant to serve quantity instead of quality. Instead of delivering optimal freshness and flavor to a plate, they are delivered to a truck. Chefs are not able to brush the culinary art they envision. The ingredients, far from perfect, become a lackluster reflection of the chef and their abilities.


Waterfields believes in elevating quality, consistency and availability.  We work to rebuild the way produce is purchased and moved around our country, instead with local, regionalized distribution and shortened time between harvest and plate.




Waterfields has announced a new multi-phase expansion that will allow them to drastically increase production volumes to further serve Ohio’s restaurants, hospitals, universities and schools with high quality, year-round, Ohio-grown produce.


The expansion required Waterfields to choose a distribution strategy. “We’ve entered into a very significant strategic alliance with Premier ProduceOne”, an Ohio-based distributor of fresh produce. “Partnering with Premier ProduceOne to use their state-wide distribution capabilities means real change for the foodservice operators in Ohio; better, more consistently available ingredients for our chefs, fresher and more nutritious food for our schools. There is nothing like this today. This redefines what local is in the state of Ohio”.

Real Difference

You Will Taste.

Why we are so good at what we do.

Waterfields leverages a combination of unique internal talent, operational efficiencies and market-ready, game-changing technologies to create top-quality produce without an expectation of the customer paying 3x the market price.  Inside our walls you'll find cutting-edge hydroponic technologies, unique proprietary processes and some old-fashioned engineering thrift.



Waterfields requires all products leaving our walls to be restaurant plate-quality with no exceptions.


Waterfields utilizes both indoor and outdoor production methods for year-round, predictable production.

Product Line Development

Are you a produce distributor who can't seem to find that holy grail set of products that customers want, will pay you for, and will buy in volume? Waterfields can align with your strategies.


Contract Growing

Struggling to get the quality and consistency you need from your supplier?  Looking for local in winter? Waterfields can work with you to secure your supply chain and remove rejects and stockouts.


Grow to Order

Are you a Chef looking for that one specific item you can't seem to find?  Waterfields may be able to help.  With extensive plant knowledge and production techniques, we can grow it.


Custom Packsizing

Waterfields can create custom packsizes/packaging and even white-label/private-label packaging for meal kit, community-support agriculture (CSA) and more.


Partnership.  It's what we do...

What We Grow


Microgreens, Edible Flowers, Specialty Leaves

"Waterfields is like the f***ing Willy Wonka of vegetables.  Their flavors are incredible."

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Our Promise

Maximum Flavor and Freshness.  Period.

Leafy Greens

Salad Mix, Unique Greens, Baby Kale

"My relationship with Waterfields has just begun but I can already tell it'll be an invigorating and fruitful one! Their greens are remarkable, like their commitment to their product."

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Basil, Mint, Chives, Fennel

"Waterfields is a part of our community and they are always participating and giving back.  I use them because they have the best products and they are invested in building culinary culture."

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This is how produce should look.

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Currently serving OH, IL, IN, KY, MI, MO, PA, TN and WV.  Interested in getting our products in your market?  Contact us!

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